Why we never say, “Here’s what I’d like to tell you..”

Because everyone else is doing it

Think about it: when you are a member of an audience and the sage on the stage says something like, “Here’s what I’d like to say…” What’s your reaction? Probably much like mine. I tune out. The phrase and any iteration of it is redundant. It’s condescending (you’re saying it, duh? Do you need to clue […]

Turning socks into practice

Storytelling, gratitude and a wild design

Telling stories and making your audience priority one takes practice. Habitual practice. The two areas are most important for anyone wanting to make an impact through presenting. Before you think storytelling and audience appreciation is only for the stage, think again. If you’re having a conversation with one person, that person is your audience. Pay […]

Hope Is Not A Strategy

Hope is crucial for each and every person. If you have no hope, you don’t have aspiration for a better tomorrow. No hope equates to helplessness. However, hope is not a strategy in any situation. This is especially true as you approach preparation for communication through presentation. If the following thoughts ever go through your […]

Get those word pictures flowing like a rushing river

“Can you give me an example of a word picture?” The question almost always comes with that scrunched up confused look on one’s face. You know the look. The eyes squint, the mouth purses as the jaw sets. Lines appear on each side of the nose. “Word picture? What’s that?!” A formal definition is not […]