What’s on your book list?

A quick recap of the books I'm reading now and what's in cue

Reading books is one of the best ways to improve verbal communication skills.
Reading helps eliminate crutch words. Reading broadens vocabulary. Reading helps express thoughts in a concise, coherent way (because you have access to the right words). Give it a shot. Read intentionally for 15-30 minutes per day for two weeks. Pay close attention to your verbal presentation skills along the way. I bet you get better.
I chose to listen to Thinking Fast and Slow while driving (good, but heavy).
The pile I’m reading is worthy (except for the Josh Linkner, Hacking Innovation), but nothing is grabbing me like Never Split the Difference and The One Thing (best books from my 2017 list).

Right side: currently reading. Left side: in cue.

If one grabs your attention, go for it (all linked).
In Cue:
Whoever Fights Monsters (recommended by a homicide detective friend)
Recommended listen:
Tim Ferriss and Terry Crews (I had never payed much attention to Crews. I have a whole new level of respect for him after this).

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